Chapter 1 Project RoboCar

We want to build autonomous driving model cars which can master a course without any human intervention

The project was started during one of those cold dark winter evenings on 8th of February 2018 by

  • Elias, who carried this idea with him for quite some time already
  • Andreas, who as far as I can tell is interested in just about everything
  • Finn, who probably never thought about this idea before that day but was immediately enthusiastic
  • Uwe, who was infected with the idea by Elias in autumn 2017

We decided then and there to build autonomous robotic cars probably with Raspberry Pi, but open for all possible concepts. Later in 2018 we decided to work with the donkeycar framework.

1.1 How to join us

We organize our meetings via the meetup group, you are welcome to join in, register as a member of that meetup group and you will receive invitations to our meetings.

1.2 FAQ

Frequent questions are addressed in this document:

  • Selection of RC car => chapter 2.1.1
  • Wiring of donkeycar => chapter 2.3
  • DonkeyCar software analysis 5
  • Connect donkeycar to WiFi and Bluetooth => chapter 3
  • Useful links => chapter 13

For inspiration you can check the