Chapter 11 Experiences gathered

Here I will write down how the adventure goes

11.1 Install donkey car on Mac

Installation went without problem. Note: After closing the Terminal, when you open it again, you will need to type source activate donkey to re-enable the mappings to donkey specific Python libraries

11.2 Donkey car simulator

Typical Use

  • Start simulator
  • Double check that log dir exists and is empty
  • Start scene of your choice
  • Hit Auto Drive w Rec button
  • Vary the Max Speed, Prop, and Diff sliders to obtain a variety of driving styles
  • Wait 10-15 minutes until you have recorded 10K+ frames of data.
  • Hit the Stop button
  • Hit the Exit button
  • Move the log dir to the ~/d2/data/ dir where you normally put tub data. - This will create a ~/d2/data/log path.
  • Train as usual.